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7/12/15 - Only a couple weeks away!

6/27/15 - Mark your calenders!  We'll be rocking the Starry Plough on Saturday, August 1st with the amazing bands Desmadre (from Santa Cruz) and Miss Massive Snowflake (from Portland).  Andrew Levin from Prizm will be opening the show with an acoustic set so don't be late!

6/7/15 - Word to your moms, The Straight Ups are recording a brand new EP to be released late this summer. Prepare yourselves!  Shout out to Rehab Recorders in Berkeley, so great working with those folks.

5/25/15 - Wow!  Saturday was amazing!  Big thanks to The Gentleman Amateurs, Pistachio and all of you that came out and got down with the get down!


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