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9/15/14 - The Straight Ups may be out of commission for a while, as our beloved bass player Ju has had wrist surgery and is in the midst of a 6 MONTH recovery!  Fortunately, that's not all that's in the midst; we're finishing up some recordings that we started before the surgery, so look for those soon..  ALSO!  We may be playing a show with a special guest bassist sometime in the next couple months so fear not!

6/29/14 - If you weren't there last night you missed one heck of a show.  But don't worry!  We'll be right back at it in two weeks at McGee's in Alameda.  Come on out for this FREE SHOW on Saturday the 12th.  In related news, our show at 50 Mason on the 25th is cancelled, on accounta Get It On Presents being dicks!

6/13/14 - Good news everyone!  You can come have your socks rocked off by The Straight Ups at Eli's Mile High Club on Saturday the 28th.  Music starts at 8:30 sharp so get there early!

5/19/14 - Just added two galleries to the new Photos section.  Check it out.  Warning: you WILL get a boner (or lady-boner).

5/10/14 - We've booked a show at 50 Mason for July 25th.  More info to come soon!

3/22/14 - Tonight!  Hotel Utah!  It's going down!  We'll see you all there.


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